Pipecleaner Art

Nurturestore Art Explorers Project PostAs you may have noticed I’m really letting go and J is starting to take the lead with the crafting and art that we do at the moment – yes we’re still making things but as a very independent toddler he is wanting to take charge so when Nurturestore posted their Art Explorers Project I though YEAH it’s a great opportunity to get J experimenting with different materials to discover that paint and glue aren’t the only materials to make Art with.


The first of the projects is pipe-cleaners so I got out the pipe-cleaners today and J sat down with them and “Made”.

First J explored the different pipe-cleaners – he sorted the out in sparkly and plain and then into colours as well.

Toddler sorting with pipecleaners

J sorted through the pipe-cleaners separating them into colours, texture and some thing else that I wasn't exactly sure on the category of!

He then decided that he was going to make something – but it was “Can’t tell you Mummy it’s a secret” this is becoming a common phrase at the moment and is very tiring especially as we often have “I can’t find it”, “what can’t you find J”, “I can’t tell you it’s a secret!” – I was instructed to get the play dough box (yes we now have a play dough box due to our craft supplies organisation) and J picked out the tub of our Night Sky Play dough that is still going strong and set to work putting the pipe-cleaners into and experimenting with what they can do

Exploring the properties of pipecleaners

J experimented with the pipe-cleaners poking them into the play dough, then bending them

True to form I was then told “Googley eyes” and when I asked how many “1 Mummy” was the response so I dutifully got out the googley eye and handed it over. After some bending of the pipe-cleaners and moulding the play dough there was a declaration of “FINISHED” and I was handed….

Pipecleaner Art Explorers Creation - Incy Wincy

Incy Wincy J's finished pipe-cleaner Art



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      I just store store brought playdough in the containers and all homemade stuff is stored wrapped in cling film/seran wrap and it lasts. I have a playdough box so everything is in that with the lid on which may helps as well.


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