Our tea time distraction

You know the scenario, toddler is getting hungry, tea will take a while to cook and toddler wants it now. Well this is our failsafe time to cook distraction. Yes it costs a little bit of money but well worth it to get on with things while the toddler is distracted having fun.

What you need

Some paper

How the fun happens

We have now set up our dinning room table safe for messy indoor play so I let J sit in his booster sit which also keeps him in 1 place and all equipment in one place as well and means he can reach the table without having to stand on the chair. Then give him stickers – we either buy jars of stickers, get them from magazines like In the Night Garden or Cbeebies or buy individual packs from the supermarket. Unlike when we do stickers in books or magazines where I tend to steer him with what to do this is a sticker free for all.

J at work while dinner was cooking today

Today’s stickers were a ladybird set from Tesco’s which cost next to nothing and I drew a very rough pond on the paper for him. He went and stuck them on – I could hear him chatting away to himself and went and listened in – he was walking about what colours the lady birds were and kept counting how many he had put on as well as telling them where they were on the picture.

Fun Factor



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