Making a Promise to Play in 2013

Rainy Day Mum a promise to play

Would you like to join us in 2013 making it a playful year? Come join us making a promise to play. Setting aside a few minutes each day to actively play, create, explore and learn with your children.

I admit that I love to get creative with J and T set up the arts and crafts, pull out the paints, playdough and collage materials, but actually playing I find difficult – it is getting easier as they start to play more like I do, but I still do find it difficult so instead of just creating with them I’m actively taking time each day to play with them.

I’ll be sharing some of our play (those that I manage to photograph) throughout the year but I hope that you will join us.

Rainy Day Mum

If you need play inspiration then why not sign up for our Prompts to Play News Letter. Regularly (I will try and get it to send out on a Sunday/ Monday each week life permitting) I will send out a news letter straight to your inbox with ideas from our archieves as well as some fantastic ideas that have been linked up at Tuesday Tots each week.

If you need inspiration for some ideas check out The Imagination Tree’s Play Pledge for 2013 with a printable image that you can pin to your fridge to inspire you with ideas to get you started.

If you are a blogger and would like to join me making a promise to play – why not grab the badge below and add it to your side bar making this a play filled year.


Rainy Day Mum
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 If you are joining us in 2013 making A Promise to Play I would love for you to leave a comment with your blog URL so that I can add you to my reader and see what you are up to

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