Makes by Mum – no sew Pen Roll

With school approaching if you aren’t already back it’s great to get involved in making something for your kids and even involving them in making something with you for that purpose. We’ve created a no sew pencil roll – that J and I have then had fun decorating once I had done the cutting out.

no sew pen roll

What you need to make a no sew pencil roll

Rectangle sheet of felt – we choose green being J’s favourite colour
Felt Pens

Felt for decorating
Craft glue suitable for fabric

How to make a no sew pencil roll

measurements for a no sew pen roll

With J being only just 3 I sat down and created the pencil roll structure myself. Laying out a piece of felt I laid the pens that we were creating the roll to contain on the felt and then put dots either side of each of the pens at the bottom about 1cm from the end and then under the lid as well.

making a no sew pen roll

With a ruler I drew lines between each dots and then a line directly below about 1/2 a cm to allow a gap for the pen to slide inside. Once they were marked out – I used scissors to cut along the line. By folding the felt in the middle of the line I was able to cut using scissors (it would be much easier to use a craft knife but mine is well hidden from J and T) and worked on all of the gaps for the pens.

undecorated no sew pen roll

We then together checked that the pens fitted and were able to roll them up easily.

J decided that he wanted to write the word PENS on the roll using fabric – so I got busy cutting out letters and once cut out wrote out pens for him and then he glued them on top of the holes.

no sew pen roll

With some scraps of fabric we created a pen and then glued that on as well – at the moment we haven’t got a way to tie up our pen roll as J isn’t great at knots but it would be so easy to add a slit at the open end and put some ribbon through to tie up – this is what I will do when J is a little older.

no sew pen roll to make together

This was a really quick and easy project for J and I to do together and whats more I am really excited to be judging other people’s amazing Pencil Roll creations over on the Ebay Facebook Competition as part of their back to school competitions. Check back next week to see my essentials for home organisation to help you get out of the door every day with everything that you will need.

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  1. carol says

    The pencil roll looked good and J liked taking the felts out of it. You’ve now just got to get him to put them back. Have you thought of using velcro as a fastener, or a button and button hole.