Lucy Ladybird Book Review

Lucy Ladybird Book Review on Rainy Day Mum for 3+

A couple of weeks ago we were sent Lucy Ladybird a new book by Sharon King Chai to review. Being big fans of ladybirds in this house it was perfect for us.

Lucy is a ladybird that¬†unfortunately¬†doesn’t have any spots unlike all of the other ladybirds and she goes off over the year to meet some friends and discovers herself throughout the seasons.

We loved the colourful illustrations with a mixed media look to them and also the huge fold out at the end of the book showing all of the different animals that Lucy had met throughout the story.

The story also has a great moral as well which although not understood by T and J (2 and 3) with slightly older children you could discuss the importance of not trying to be the same as everyone else and that differences are important and make you extra special.

It was great to have a look at the seasons in the book as well – although we’ve only recently come out of winter seeing the pictures of snow reminded us of the changes and led to a little discussion about the weather during difference seasons and the animals that we see.

Lucy Ladybird is available from Amazon and other book sellers.

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