Kid’s Co-op

Come play at kids co-opFriday’s seem to come around so quickly and it’s time to play at the Weekly Kid’s Co-0p – wow there was an amazing selection of blogs linked up last week lots and lots of great Easter Ideas out there which I’ve had fun reading and thinking when J and T are a little older we’ll be able to do. But back to this week and I’m featuring some Lamb ideas from last weeks Link up as J is still on about his farm visit the other week.

Reading Confetti has these very cute take on the Lamb Cupcakes that I have seen all over Pinterest.

How about a none edible Lamb from Mama’s Little Muse.

Another alternative lamb from JDaniel4’s Mom and I know a little boy that would love to make something like this. Although he would insist on using Mummy’s hand as it’s so much bigger than his own.

Now for this week’s link up – check out the Kid’s Co-op facebook page and all the great blogs linking up showcased in the album on the page.



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