I took the Moon for a Walk

I took the Moon for a Walk is a great book to read with your preschoolers especially as the evenings draw closer and we get to see the moon regularly.

I took the moon for a walk

J is fascinated by the moon and I took the Moon for a Walk is a perfect book for him to read to explore this further. As we walk home from preschool in the dark twice a week we get to see the moon on a clear night and he’s noticed that it’s getting smaller and bigger over the weeks or not there. This book reminds me of our walk home where the moon appears to follow us where ever we go.

Telling the story of a little boy who takes a walk at night it explores the route that he takes and the moon that follows him as he goes, with church spires, nocturnal animals and clouds that play hide and seek the book is a real exploration of the night.

With crackle glaze illustrations like the front cover above throughout the book it’s is really wonderfully illustrated and has become a real bedtime favourite of J’s, which extends to talking about the book and the moon as we walk home from preschool and admire the moon above the houses.

Barefoot books have a wonderful selection of unique books that are perfect for preschoolers and older, with activity books, rhythm books and picture books they are unusual and different than those found on the high street store.

We received this book for review but the information supplied is all our own opinons


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