Simple hibernation crafts for preschoolers

Hibernation Unit Study for Preschoolers

We’ve been exploring some hibernation crafts for preschoolers, you know when sometimes an opportunity grabs you and you need to follow it. As we walked to preschool this week at the side of the foot path we found a small Hedgehog ambling around the bushes at the bottom of the railway embankment that we walk past, this provided the perfect opportunity to create some hibernation crafts for preschoolers with J.


We stopped and looked at it, J asked whether it was soft, I explained it was prickly like a rose bush and that when they are babies they are soft and the spikes are flexible, but as they get older they get stronger and hurt more as they protect them from other animals.

Then came the question why hasn’t he seen one before – so some explaining about nocturnal animals, moths, bats, foxes, hedgehogs in the case of the UK animals, so what was it doing outside, this brought about talking about Hibernation.Hedgehog

After preschool we hunted to see whether we could find the hedgehog again but he wasn’t there so it was decided he had found somewhere to hibernate for the winter and then J decided that we needed to make a hedgehog.

What you need to make hibernation crafts for preschoolers

Brown Paper
Googley Eye

How you make hibernation crafts for preschoolers

We started off by drawing around J’s and T’s hand and then I cut out the hand prints.creating hedgehogs

With the hand prints we started off by using the palm as the nose and they layered the other hand prints over the top leaving a gap from the start of the previous one. The fingers were pointing up to make the spines of the hedgehog.

hibernation craft

We then added a googley eye and have added it to our window, we also have an Autumn Tree on the window which as the leaves get less and less on the trees outside the window we are taking the leaves from the tree that we made and placing them on the ground and then will make a home for the hedgehog to live in.

Hedgehog craft for preschoolers

A Book to read to understand Hibernation with Preschoolers

Hibernation is a little difficult for J to understand – especially as his frogs have gone into hibernation so I searched through our books and found one that is perfect to go with our Hedgehog find and talking about it’s Hibernation as well as why it may have been out at night.

 One Snowy Night by M. Christina Butler tells the tale of a little Hedgehog whose home gets blown away in a storm as he’s trying to get comfortable for the winter, as he goes to find shelter he meets lots of other animals that are looking for warmth, he helps them out and in return by the end of the book they help him out as well. This really is a lovely story and the whole series of books by M. Christina Butler are fabulous and a must for your children’s book shelves.

I will be doing this Hedgehog Hibernation Tub from The Imagination Tree with J in the near further to further extend our knowledge of hibernation.

An alternative to our Hand print hedgehog is over on Science Sparks creating Hedgehogs with Leaves.

Create a hedgehog sculpture from Playful learners this would be perfect to add to our Nature windowsill.

Hedgehogs form part of a lot of Autumn themes for us now and this card with tiny hedgehogs from The Mad House would be perfect for an Autumn Craft

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    Cerys, I love your little hedgehog and how you turn an outdoor find into a whole series of learning opportunities. We saw one in the week at a friends house when we stopped to collect their boy for cubs, I wish I had grabbed a photo, 4 little cubs gazing in awe at this hedgehog in the lights of the car beam was quite a sight! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.
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    I’ve posted our hedgehog post this week too (shall be linking it up with you Tuesday) and we did a hand one like this last year.

    Yours is very cute. Love all the other detail with your post too.

    Visiting from Countrykids
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    This is adorable! I’m glad you shared photos of the actual hedgehog too! I don’t think that we have hedgehogs, but I know there are porcupines in the mountains where we camp in the summer. Even, so I’m going to request that adorable book from the library! I’m glad you posted on Eco Kids!
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    We’ve recently seen 3 – got to buy some hedgehog food as I think we have a few in the garden and next Spring they will need it when they have babies