Halloween Ideas for Toddlers – Crafts and Activities

Halloween for ToddlersJ and T are noticing it’s Halloween and getting a little excited about it so here are a few Halloween Ideas for Toddlers with crafts and activities to celebrate without it being too scary for them.

preschool Halloween MonstersWe’ve been crafting and cooking for Halloween with some Monster Faces, Witches Caludron Cakes, Paper Chains, Ghosts and Spin Art Pumpkins – all of these have been great for T (19 months) to join in withand carry out.

Finger Paint PumpkinsFrom 3 Dinosaurs some finger paint Pumpkins and a book recommendation for you to read with your toddlers.

Paper Plate Jack O Lantern MasksMama Smiles has fabulous toddler crafts and activities for Halloween – A paper Plate Jack O Lantern Mask, a wall of pumpkins to decorate, Paper Pumpkins and Decorating fabric Monsters all of these are great for Toddlers to do with little or no help.

Monster CookiesFrom Red Ted Art go ahead and get your toddlers decorating Cookies – now you ca make your own Cookies and Maggy Shares her recipe or why not turn it into a fun no heat activity using ready made cookies (Digestive Biscuits would be perfect).

Toilet Roll MonstersCardboard tubes are great for Toddlers to craft with and Creative Playhouse made some great Monsters with pipecleaner tentacles.

Toddler Halloween GameTeach Preschool has a fun game – get wrapped up like a Mummy I think I know what we will be doing on Halloween Day.

Tie Dye PumpkinsA Mom Like Me has some great Halloween ideas for young children including the Tie Dye Pumpkins shown in the picture above, Colour mixing paper plate pumpkins and Torn Paper Candy Corn Craft.

Ghost Foot Print CardMake some foot print ghost cards from Mummy Mummy Mum.

Mini Pumpkin CraftsLittle hands need little pumpkins and Blog Me Mom had some great fun decorating with Mini Pumpkins.

Pumpkin Scented ArtExcite the sense with some Pumpkin painting with a difference from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

Felt Pumpkin FacesReusable stickers – ok they are felt but very much like stickers and Two Big Two Little has some fun with Felt Pumpkin Faces.

Fruit Loop Halloween ArtUse some cereal to make some Halloween Pumpkin pictures and then eat it afterwards (well it would be in our house) from Here Come the Girls.

Very Simple Halloween Art for TotsFrom Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails a very simple Halloween Craft that I know T would love to do.

Fun Gourd Monster PaintingDecorate some Mini Gourds as Monsters with some toddler fun painting from Love, Play and Learn.

Trick or Treat Game for ToddlersMy Little Bookcase has a great Halloween Game for young Children – the trick or treat roll.

Halloween WreathToddler Approved has recently started a Mom and Tot Craft Time and so far they have made Halloween Wreaths and Spooky Ghosts – this is something that T and I are watching with interest as the series continues.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Crafts4 Different Paper Plate Pumpkin Crafts from Train up a child great for Toddlers to do.

Dotty PumpkinsAn alternative to pumpkin carving from Putti’s World with dotty pumpkins.

Sparkly PumpkinsThe Imagination Tree has some amazing pumpkin decorating ideas but this one from 2010 stood out as even Little Pop (who must have been only 7 or 8 months) at the time joins in as well – decorating with sequins and paint.

Glitter Glue and no carving pumpkinsMore pumpkin decorating from Domestic Goddesque with glue, glitter and jewels what a fun activity and it looks so pretty as well.

No Carve PumpkinsTinkerlab has some fabulous ideas for toddler’s Halloween including suggestions for toddler pumpkin decorating including amazing “hair styles” that you can create for them and a Halloween Tree.

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