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Good Habits to Have

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J and I have been reading a second book from the Summer Readathon with MeMeTales and PBS this week – Good Habits to Have. J is coming up to 3 and we are starting to get some…. ummmmmm interesting habits come to light – he’s a very sensitive child things upset him that T is fine with – and he’s emotional there is no denying it and one of the things that he’s not good at is trying new things.

One of the habits in the book is Trying new things – and we’re getting better with trying new foods – with help of a few ideas that I posted about yesterday, but there are other things that he isn’t trying – walking for a time when he’s tired – I often end up carrying both him and T at the end of a walk. But positive reinforcement of when he does do it really helps him.

So based on the themes and the 2 characters in good habits to have I have been making some reward charts and I wanted to share them with you. We are really focusing on the trying for J but I know each child is different so wanted to share a reward chart with you for each of the 4 habits in the book. It would be great to read the book with your child as part of week 3 of the readathon and then talk about ways in which they could work on those habits with you.

Being kind reward chartI have left one of the columns at least blank on each chart for you to fill in yourself and also included a blank copy.

If you would like to get a little crafty with your reward chart – then I suggest looking at Red Ted Art and her handmade reward chart.

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  1. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I think this might work for us with our manners and listening skills.