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I asked on the Rainy Day Mum facebook page for some book recommendations this week as I hadn’t really got anything in mind – so here’s 5 that were recommended and I’ve managed to find in our collection and the library. At the end of the list are some more recommendations that were made but I haven’t been able to find today.

The first recommendation is The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler the authors of the Gruffalo one of J’s favourites and based upon one of my favourite peoms “The Highway man”. This is a great rhyming book with a beautiful rhythum to the story as well.

Our second book is Hairy Maclary Sit about a dog going to it’s obediance class and misbehaving – like the Highway Rat it has some lovely rhyme to the story and great pictures as well.


Recommended by Glittering Muffins who have a similar aged child to J Let’s Dance, Little Pookie which is about a little pig Pookie who is a bit hesitant to join in with his Mummy’s dancing but eventually does and laughs and enjoys himself more and more – this is great for J as at time he can be a little hesitant to join in as well and I hope reading it this week will help with his confidence a bit more.

Our fourth book is already a firm favourite in our house Giraffes Can’t Dance is the story of a Gerald the Giraffe who is a terrible dancer – that is until a friendly little cricket helps him discover his music to dance to – we are huge fans of the authors and have featured their books many times in our weekly selections – one week I will do a 5 books from them.


Recommended by J’s girl friend Supermarket Zoo instead of another boring trip to the super market – Albie’s shopping trip takes him to a supermarket full of zoo animals and he’s got a long list of what he wants.

I hope you enjoy the book recommendations by our fans on facebook and below is a selection of other books recommendations.


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