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Keeping in touch with family and friends was one of the first reasons why I started blogging – we have family around the world and they wanted to know what we were up to and share the ideas that we were doing at home with them so they could do them as well… And I still love that aspect of blogging but it takes time and a lot of time so my friends and family find out what we are up to in short sharp snap shots via facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram and G+. A way to combine the two would fit perfectly and it seems that there is a way, Dayre an App for Android and iPhones is perfect to combine all of the above and keep in touch. Kind of a micro blogging system and it’s so easy to use.

DayreSo what is Dayre – apart from a very simple app that you can download it lets you upload/take pictures, videos, put in short snippets and share quick details of the day. Unlike with the other social media all of the updates that you make in a day create a single post for that day – all together like I said micro blogging on the move for everyone.

Rainy Day Mum on Dayre

I’ve been using it for a week now and I’m finding it very easy as part of a select few (30 UK bloggers) we’re seeding the network over the next 6 weeks and beyond with our life sharing quick updates, crafts, recipes and family life fun and you can join us as well. I’m over there and will be updating with some unique content and ideas as well. These will be short quick ideas that you can do at home and see what really goes on – believe me I don’t spend my whole time doing activities with the kids but we do have some fun that I don’t share.

I have heard from a lot of my friends how they would love to start blogging sharing ideas and family life and they do on the different social media platforms but to combine them all in one place with a dedicated URL for your updates as well as an easy way to navigate between the different days it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and it’s free.

You can download Dayre from iTunes and Play to your smart phone and start sharing what you are up to – come along and follow me and see what we are up to as well. For more about the app then check out the information on the Dayre Website.

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