Day 2 – 30 days of Hands on Play

Day 2 of the 30 days of Hands on Play and today’s challenge is

Today’s Challenge:  Build a Fort!

Spend [at least] 15 minutes today building a fort with the kids, letting them lead. Play and let their imagination run with it.

When we did this before I used cushions and sheets in the lounge and set up a little fort for us where we read books. This time I let J take the lead and where J goes T follows.

Homemade fort

Our rain forest and mountain inside our homemade fort

I gave choices of where he wanted to play – he decided in his bedroom (not a normal place for play for us at all) and I said we’re going to build a fort. Well the fort building worked but it wasn’t a fort for us – instead J decided it was the rain forest and a large bean bag from his room was a mountain.

dinosaur toy

One of the fierce creatures in our fort

He got out his safari and dinosaurs and set them up under the rain forest roof and we got playing. T joined in and then decided it was more fun to run around our fort with a pterodactyl roaring and then dragging the box into the fort and pretending to be in a boat.

baby playing in homemade fort

T in her boat in the rain forest

We played for ages and when tired put it away to play another day and sat on his bed reading his books.

homemade fort

J playing in the rain forest fort


  1. carol says

    Looks like you had a fun time its great to see how imaginative J is and how T follows him. I love the way he talks to himself as he’s playing.


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