Day 12 – 30 days to hands on play

Ok – first I have swapped Days 12 and 13 over. Today I haven’t been able to drive or to move very far so instead of the field trip I looked ahead and found out that the next activity is

Today’s Challenge: Sticky Art

J loves stickers we get a magazine once a week and before he colours, or reads anything we have to go through and stick all the stickers on the pages. So this was great for us to do when I can’t move far.

Nana had brought us some foam stickers recently and one of the packs went along with our farm themed books so together we set about making a farm picture with the stickers.

sticking fun for toddlers  As we stuck the animals on the picture J and I sung “Old MacDonald had a farm” and made all the animal noises. T helped by holding the animals and showing us them as well as asking “What’s that” over and over again apart from for the Goat – OAT and Donkey DONDEY which she recognised.

Toddler fine motor skills with stickersThe stickers were great J had to work on his fine motor skills peeling off the sticker backs and it was so much fun that he came up with a game – which you will have to wait for tomorrow for the game he made up.

If you want to join in with the 30 days to hands on play it’s not too late – you can sign up on either Hands on as we grow or The Imagination Tree’s blogs to receive daily e-mails.



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