Valentines Cupcake Recipe for Kids

Cooking with Kids – Valentines Cupcakes Recipe

J and T had a play date on Friday last week and in preparation we baked some very simple Valentines Chocolate Cupcake Recipe for the children to enjoy and make with you. This is such a simple cupcake recipe and can form the basis of many children’s cupcakes for parties and fun.

Cupcake Recipe

Valentines Cupcake Recipe Ingredients

100g (4oz) Sugar
100g (4oz) Soft Margarine
100g (4oz) All purpose Flour (Plain Flour)
2 level teaspoons of baking powder
2 eggs
1 Dessert spoons of Chocolate dissolved in 1 tablespoon of hot water

Heart Muffin Cups, Set of 12

Cupcake Recipe – How to with Kids

Preheat the oven to 375F/190C Gass mark 5 – if you have a fan oven either reduce the cooking time or lower the temperature slightly – you know your oven best so adjust as you would normally for a recipe.

chocolate cupcake recipe to make with kids

J is just starting to want to know more and more about numbers so we have started to measure out together, using our Digital Kitchen Scales we measure in grammes and as I pour and stop we talk about the numbers that appear as we go telling him to watch out for the number that we need, it’s a really simple way to work with identification of numbers greater than 10 especially when you use grammes.

Simple Cupcake Recipe to make with kids

Put the sugar and margarine in a bowl together and let the kids mix – a tip here is to take turns other wise it will never go together,so your child mixes and then you mix and then hand back to them. You want the mix to be smooth and pale in colour.

Cupcake Recipe to make with kids

Add the eggs and mix more this makes it easier for the children to mix in the flour. With the flour add the flour and the dissolved chocolate, baking powder all at the same time and mix. Do the same as before with young children taking turns to mix so that you have a smooth consistency to the mix.

Valentines Cupcake Recipe to make with your kids for their friends

Using the Heart Muffin Cups, help your children to fill the cupcake cases and then put on a baking tray and into the oven. Cook for around 15 minutes (ovens vary so could take 20 mins or 13 mins).

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Leave to cool and then eat. We decided not to decorate as these are sweet cupcakes with the chocolate and J doesn’t like things overly sweet so were perfect for him – however you could add frosting and sprinkles if you wished.

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      We’ve just done some plain decorated ones as well and they were gone within a day they heart shaped cases seems slightly smaller than normal cupcakes so perfect for little ones play dates