Cress Caterpillars growing for Spring

Spring and Easter Activities for Kids Blog Hop

Spring and Easter Activities for Kids

Spring is most definitely on the way in the UK and along with some other bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network we’re bring you Fresh Spring and Easter Activities for Kids. This Spring we’re all about Bugs and growing and what better way to combine them than to create a cress caterpillar.

Cress Caterpillar

This is an activity I remember doing back when I was a child with my mum and loved it then – cress I believe is sprouting seeds or mustard seeds in the US and this can even be done with grass seeds it’s a simple fun Spring craft, growing experiment for kids.

What you need to make Cress Caterpillars

Egg Carton
Paint Brushes
Craft Foam
Googly Eyes
Cotton Wool
Cress/Mustard/Grass or Sprouting Seeds

How you make Cress Caterpillars

Start off by cutting the egg carton into a strip – we kept true to insects with cutting into 3 segments for the caterpillars body but you could make your caterpillars as long as you want. I then let J and T go and paint the bodies.

Spring Craft for Kids

One of my top tips for crafting with 2 toddlers/preschoolers is to provide each with their own paint palette and paint selections – that way you reduce your stress levels as the two argue less over the paints and in our case the older doesn’t get annoyed with the younger when they mix up all of the paints instead of keeping them separate.

Spring Craft for kids

Once they had finished painting the caterpillar body we put it aside to dry and we set about creating the caterpillar heads – using a small bowl J helped me draw around the bowl onto craft foam and then I cut it out for the two. They then set about adding Googly eyes to the face.

Spring Craft for Kids

Once the eyes are in place with a black marker they drew some mouths on. We then stuck the faces to the front of the caterpillars bodies once dry.

Cress Caterpillars

Filling each of the body cavities of the caterpillar with cotton wool we then sprayed with some water from a spray bottle.

Crafts for Spring and Easter for Kids

Then sprinkled on the cress seeds onto the cotton wool ball and have put them onto our Nature Table Window Sill to grow.

Cress Caterpillar - easy spring craft for kids

Fresh Spring and Easter Activities for Kids Blog Hop.

We’re joining in with these bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network to bring you ideas for Spring and Easter – pop along and see what fun activities they are sharing with you today. We also invite you to come and share your own ideas if you are blogger please link up your Spring and Easter posts below and join us celebrating Spring and Easter.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Cress Caterpillars

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