Creative Pipe cleaner Tool

Toddler Sewing Needle from Pipe-Cleaner

Sewing and threading are great for toddlers but if like me you don’t want to go down the plastic sewing needles but also don’t want to let your toddler loose with a real needle (eyes and sharp pointy things make me very very nervous) then this is a great tool to make for your kids to start them sewing safely.

sewing needle for toddlersTo make the sewing needle take the pipe cleaner, fold it in half.

Form a loop at the bend this is the eye of the needle and then twist the legs together to form the needle.

Threading the needle is a great activity for helping hand eye co-ordination in toddlers and if you create the eye bigger than needed you can easily twist it up to make it smaller.

As you can see in the image the needle is great for threading for holes punched out with a hole punch and because we use chenille pipe cleaners they will also fit through large holed plastic canvas.

We have used this needle as a starting point and now with J are moving onto a blunt needle used for sewing up knitting and tapestry work as he has the basics of needle safety down. T is just starting to do more threading and using the pipe cleaner needles that we make.




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