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Creative baking with Kids – butterflies #cbias

At the moment we’re into life cycles and with the butterfly’s suddenly making an appearance in the garden it’s the perfect opportunity to start introducing another life cycle on top of the Frog that we are already looking at on the dinning room table. We have read and re-read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and when Collective Bias™ set us the task of creative baking I thought getting creative with some cookies and cakes were perfect bakes to go with a Butterfly theme.

Creative baking with kids - butterfly cakes and cookies #cbias

So with a check of our cupboards we wrote a list of what we needed to decorate the cakes and biscuits (staples like flour, margarine, sugar and eggs I always have) and we headed off to our nearest ASDA to shop. I love the fact that J and T are at an age where they want to be involved in the whole process and we headed for the baking aisle and J and T choose some of the many items to decorate their butterfly cakes and cookies with – check out our shopping trip in our G+ Photo Album.

Making the shop part of your creative baking with kids #cbias

I added in some glitter writing icing (glitter and icing in a squeeze tube – my idea of cookie decorating heaven) and we did a self scan with the kids helping me put the items through and brought them home to get creative baking with butterflies.

Glitter Writing Icing for creative baking with kids

Returning home T and I got baking whilst J was at preschool.

Creative baking with toddlers - butterfly cakes and cookies #cbias

We used our favourite fairy cake recipe for the butterfly cakes and no-egg sugar cookie recipe for the cookies (no eggs means that when T tries to eat it which she does regularly it is perfectly safe for her – I’m a bit wary of her eating raw eggs in cookie dough).

T and I set about mixing up the cakes – it’s a recipe that we do a lot with J and T although J (18 months older than T) normally does all the pouring with him at preschool that meant T was pouring the ingredients into the bowl and helping me mix them up.

Creative baking with kids - butterfly cakes and cookies #cbias

Once they were cooked we set about decorating them. The butterfly cakes – traditional style with butter cream filling and then to add some sparkle some of the neon sugars that we had brought inbetween to brighten them up.

Creative baking with kids - cookies making #cbias

With the cookie cutters chosen T and I set about making the cookie dough and then cutting butterflies, flowers and even circles out – we stuck the circles together and created a lovely caterpillar shape.

Creative baking with kids - bring the very hungry caterpillar alive #cbias

When everything was cooked we set about decorating – T got her hands on the glitter icing tubes and started to draw all over the cookies with them. Adding coloured sprinkles and tiny butterflies (although I think it was a case of she ate more than she put on with those – they are a real hit).

Toddler creative baking decorating butterfly cookies #cbias

I saved the caterpillar for me to decorate and using my now favourite neon sugar crystals I decorated the head section with the bright red/pink, the rest of the body in green and added some little fluffy marshmallows for the eyes to create our own Very Hungry Caterpillar Creative Baking.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® #CBias #SocialFabric.

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