Colour sorting

I recently did a Guest Post on Make, Do and Friend about fine motor skill play with water beads and we’ve been playing again with them again. This time doing some colour sorting.

Color Sorting with water beadsIn the summer we used sugar coated candies to colour sort into our stacking cups matching colour for colour. However with J being a little older now I wanted to introduce colour sorting again. Having a tub of mixed colour water beads – blue and green this provided the perfect opportunity.

Using pincer grip to select coloured water beads

J selecting individual water beads

We had been looking at transferring water beads using different equipment but J still prefers to use his fingers – as a challenge and to work a little on hand eye co-ordination I encouraged him to select only 1 green or 1 blue water bead at a time and transfer them across to our waiting container.

color sorting with water beads

Our muffin case for colour sorting

I didn’t have a dedicated tray for sorting into but rescued from the recycling when my husband buys muffins from the store I keep the containers and these are perfect for sorting as well as for using as a paint palette which we often do.

I plan on extending this with more colours to make it more complex but J found it a challenge to sort the water beads as they were so slippery so was spending a lot of time resorting the beads once he had them in the muffin tray.



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