Chalk Letters

With our summer holiday finally begun we can focus more on preparing for school at home through fun playful activities re-enforcing what J has learnt at home. This week in our Get Ready for K through Play Series it’s all Letters and Phonics.

Chalk Letters having fun with letter names and phonics

In the school that J will attend he will be learning a mix of phonics and letter sounds so we’ve been using a mix of both at home. This activity had a 2 fold objective with J we were using it to re-inforce his knowledge of phonics and of letter sounds alternating the call outs and with T I was using it to introduce her to how to spell her name out with some large scale letter fun.

Using our steppping stones I muddled up the letters from J and T’s names in and drew outlines of the letters in chalk on the stones in the garden – you could easily do this on a sidewalk or patio.

Outdoor Phonics Fun

Once they were drawn I shouted out a letter either with the phonic or the letter name and they ran to that letter to colour in the letter. With J I was encouraging him to colour in the letters in the way that the letter would be formed with T I asked her to colour in the letter T with a specific letter and followed through.

Phonics and letter name fun for preschoolers

J loved this activity – it was moving, listening and doing perfect for his type of learning. T had a lot of fun although she still insists that her name is spelt SN A CK S (I guess I need to stop the spelling out of that word around her so much).

get ready for K through play

Thank you to My Cute Graphics for the use of the superhero kids graphic.

This is part 7 of 8 of the Get Ready for K through Play series. This weeks focus is all about Letters and Phonics – please check by the other posts by the cohosts of the series to find out how they are getting ready for K through play this week.

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