Fun motor skills for tots

5 Fine motor skills activities for tots

Toddlers and preschoolers need time to develop motor skills – whether they are gross motor, walking, climbing, jumping or fine motor that will help with writing in the future. Here’s 5 fun motor skills activities for tots this week featured from last weeks Tuesday Tots link up and our archives.

First off using some water beads (please use these with care and only with children who no longer put everything in their mouth) for colour sorting, the fine motor action of picking up the water beads.

Working on fine motor control of the pencil for writing a good exercise

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Egg fun for Easter

Crafts and Activities for some Egg Fun this Easter

With Easter just around the corner it’s time to share some Egg themed fun – crafts, activities and learning opportunities for all that were linked up from last week’s Tuesday Tots.

First off we have our own how to dye Egg Shells and then making egg shell collages – great fun especially if you have a little bit of a disaster when you get trying to blow eggs to decorate them with the kids.

I love ideas that encourage picky eaters – this Easter Egg Picnic idea from Toddling in the Fast Line looks a fantastic idea and once

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Growing Activities and Crafts

Growing Activities and Crafts

With Spring in the air and the clocks gone forward we’re spending more and more time outside and that means growing things so from last weeks Tuesday Tots I’ve selected some fabulous Growing Activities and Crafts perfect for Spring for your tots.

First off from our own archives last week advice on starting off seeds as well as how to make your own cardboard tube seed pots that can be planted out afterwards as they will compost down.

Spark and Pooky are also growing seeds – they too are using cardboard tubes but have combined with another item from

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Tuesday Tots Linky

Weather crafts and activities

Weather Crafts and Activities for Kids

Early Spring can be so changeable – one day it’s cold enough for snow the next short sleeves and a walk on the beach or the pool is a good idea so doing some weather crafts and activities is a good idea. Here’s some simple weather crafts and activities to do with your tots.

First off from Stir the Wonder is a wind exploration table – with so many windy days here in the UK this is a fantastic idea especially at this time of the year.

Another wind themed post this time a craft to create a wind

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Sensory play with dough

Sensory Play with Dough

Sensory Play helps children learn about their environment and also as a child becomes older can help them learn other subjects by catering for their different learning styles. This weeks features from last weeks Tuesday Tots are all about sensory play with dough – with a mix of play dough, cloud dough and other types these are easy to get hold of of create at home and perfect for play and fun.

Starting for with some Fairy Garden small world play with homemade gold play dough from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Edible dough is great with young children –

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Science Experiments to do at home

Simple Science Experiments to do at home

Science is fun for young kids to explore and learn about through hands on activities and those activities you can easily do at home. Last week on Tuesday Tots some amazing ideas were linked up including this activities which I am featuring this week.

First off for your slightly older kids – you can learn about the brain and the parts using modelling with this fabulous How to make a model brain from Science Sparks.

Perfect for this time of year is a simple experiment to create a rainbow from Edutainment at Home.

A fun activity for your kids

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Rainbow – Create and Play

Create and Play with Rainbows and rainbow colours

Spring brings rain and sun and that means rainbows as well as St Patrick’s day so last week lost of Rainbow crafts and play activities appearing on pinterest and linking up to Tuesday Tots last week. We even created our own Confetti Rainbow Picture inspired by the rainbows we keep seeing around.


Start off by producing your own Rainbow – take this Fruit Loop Rainbow picture from Sorting Sprinkles or an Unique Rainbow Art from Buggy and Buddy. Also check out our paper rainbow collage.

Combining music and movement this rainbow musical shaker from My Little 3 and

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Arts and Crafts for Kids

7 Projects for arts and crafts with Kids

Of all the activities that I do with the kids arts and crafts are my favourite I love seeing them produce something whether it’s a craft that has a specific end product in mind or whether it’s art that they lead the way and for all I know could end up as a big brown sheet of paper where they have painted it with every colour that we have it’s fantastic to see them get creative.

This week from last week’s Tuesday Tots I’m sharing some ideas for arts and crafts for kids.

First off is this Confetti Collage

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Hands on Math Activities for Measuring

Hands on activities for measuring

One of the areas of Math that can be very hands on is that of measuring – whether you are ordering/sorting objects, using language of size, weighing, length etc. Here’s 3 fun ideas that you can do at home for some hands on math activities for measuring.

First off some outdoor measuring fun from Rubberboots and elf shoes – this looks so much fun. I’m going to be doing this later this week on one of our walks.

Cooking provides some great hands on measuring activities this post from Yummy Inspirations has some great Math concepts.

Next a resource to

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