Stamped pumpkin Happy Halloween Bunting

Happy Halloween Stamped Bunting

Easy to make stamped Happy Halloween Pumpkin Bunting. Quick and simple craft for some last minute Halloween Decorations for the home.

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Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Easy Hanging Jack O Lanterns

Super Simple Hanging Jack-o-lanterns perfect for a last minute Halloween Craft or easy to set up and complete afterschool craft for kids of all ages.

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Hedgehog Bread

Hedgehog Bread Rolls for kids to make - perfect for some autumn baking

A few weeks ago I shared our bread recipe that I use weekly with T to create a homemade loaf for our day at home lunch and we’ve used the same simple recipe to create some lovely autumn themed Hedgehog Bread Rolls perfect with butter and homemade preserve for a treat.

Before starting we spent some time talking about Hedgehogs, what they look like, what happens in the autumn to them and why they hibernate as well. It was interesting listening to T think up reasons why they may hibernate during the winter – she knew that they were

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Cork Printed Autumn Tree

Cork Printed Autumn Tree Art

Looking out of windows we can see the leaves changing colour as summer fades away and Autumn hurries in – this week we’re looking at those colours of autumn and all the signs that the seasons are changing and we decided to get creative with some printing.

Back in the summer after discovering the amazing Cork and Button printed flowers by Happy Hooligans we used the same method with fabric paints and created a tote bag as a gift for mother’s day. Printing with corks was so much fun that I have been collecting as many as possible to

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Cooking and Baking

French Family Supper with Lidl – #frenchweek

French Family Super on a Budget with Lidl French Week - taste testing and helping picky eaters at home

With children that are picky eaters we’re always on the look out for fun ways to get the kids trying new food and now that both children are having dinners at school at least part of the week it gives us the opportunity to have a taste testing supper occasionally. Lidl one of the UK supermarkets often has fabulous deals and this week is no exception with a French Week.


With a huge range of traditional French food from Escargot to Cidre with most of the weeks selection sourced in France it’s a budget friendly option for getting

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Cooking and Baking

Making bread – wheat to table – #playfulpreschool

Making bread - learning about the process of harvesting wheat, milling and bread making as part of #playfulpreschool

Every Wednesday this year we are sharing a themed preschool activity as part of the #playfulpreschool group, this week’s theme is all about Harvest, we’re playing, creating and learning around this theme – at the end of this post check out the other ideas from the group to share with your preschoolers.

This week we are focusing on harvesting of wheat and the process from growing the wheat, harvesting it milling and then bread making. We are lucky that we live in a rural area and stepping out of our town we’re surrounded by fields a lot of which

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Cooking and Baking

Windfall Apples Practical Life Skills

Teach practical life skills with windfall apples - practising using a knife

We are lucky to have 2 large apple trees in our back garden which produce cooking and eating apples and each year we head off to harvest them directly from the tree and picking up the windfall so that the path doesn’t become too slippy with the windfall apples rotting away. Many of the windfall apples especially this year are beyond use in the kitchen as they have been laying around for a couple of weeks whilst we were on vacation so many were added straight to the compost a few were good enough for some crumble and a couple

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Cooking and Baking

Mo Willems nut free alphabet cookies – Duckling gets a Cookie

Mo Willems Duckling Gets a Cookie inspired nut free alphabet Cookies for the duckling

Mo Willems is fast becoming one of our favourite authors and I am delighted that we kick off this school years Virtual Book Club for Kids with 3 books by him to share with your children and create and connect activities based around them. The three books that you will find activities shared by are Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

Our favourite of these is Duckling Gets a Cookie and we’ve had fun reading through the book and bringing it life with a cookie based activity perfect for the

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Family Portraits #playfulpreschool

Family Portraits - creative exploration of the family and hertitage theme for preschoolers that can be used in a classroom or a home setting

This year we will be focusing on preschool activities every Wednesday on Rainy Day Mum – joining with a group of other fabulous parents and educators we will be sharing themed activities across our sites for some fabulous preschool fun and learning that you can do at home or in your classroom. Last week the group kicked off with an Apple Theme and shared amazing ideas bringing you Maths, Literacy, Science, Creative, Cooking and Social Studies activity check out over at The Educators’ Spin On It for a full list of the Apple Themed Activities. This week it’s all about

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