Mary Mary quite contrary – pattern play

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary pattern play

Nursery Rhymes are such a key part of childhood and some of our favourites are ones that I learnt as a child as well as some that we have learnt at library sessions with both the children as babies. This week’s #playfulpreschool theme is all about Nursery Rhymes, and we’re sharing activities and crafts that…

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Letter Match Tooth Cleaning Game – healthy kids

Letter Match Tooth Cleaning Game - Preschool Literacy

This week’s theme for #playfulpreschool is all about healthy kids, exercising, healthy eating and healthy habits. Like always, we’re bringing learning, creativity and skills development in with themed ideas for preschoolers on the weekly topic.   Teeth brushing is big in our house at the moment. For Christmas my kids got the amazing Dr. Fresh…

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An Evergreen Nature Hunt

An evergreen nature hunt - take a winter nature study trip with preschoolers looking for evergreen trees

One of my favourite Christmas Carols is “The Holly and the Ivy” and it brings back memories of collecting both with my grandmother to decorate the fireplace with, it’s an old traditional British Carol as through our winters we don’t have many native evergreen plants and in the midst of winter these two stand out….

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Exploring Scarecrows with technology

Discovering the history and cultural difference about scarecrows using technology with preschoolers

This weeks playful preschool theme is all about scarecrows – one that gave us the perfect opportunity to explore some more differences between countries in the world using technology. Each week we are exploring through learning and creativity themes and bringing your ideas that you could use in your classroom or home with preschoolers. Check…

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Spider Web construction with Straws and Playdough – #playfulpreschool

Spider Web construction with straws and play dough a fun preschool engineering project

Observation and construction of spiders webs using straws and playdough a fun preschool engineering project as part of this weeks playful preschool theme. Check the end of the post for more creepy crawley themed learning and creative activities for preschoolers.

Community Helpers Starting Sounds – #playfulpreschool

Community helpers - matching initial word sounds to the letters

Community Helpers or Heroes as they are being called here in our home due to the school’s topic is a fabulous topic for kids to learn about and this weeks playful preschool theme is just that. Across the blogs of the team made up of parents and educators we are sharing learning and creative activities…

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