Autumn Colours Plant Science for Preschoolers – #playfulpreschool

Autumn Colours - colour and plant science hands on learning for preschoolers

This week along with the other bloggers of the #playfulpreschool team we are sharing learning and creative ideas for preschoolers based around the theme Autumn Colours as a change I am welcoming another member of the team Darla from The Preschool Toolbox to share a fun learning activity for preschoolers for Autumn Colours combining colour and plant science.

With this weeks theme of Autumn Colours it’s a great opportunity for some hands on science for preschoolers – finding out about the world around them and how it works is inbuilt; asking questions and discovering the answers themselves helps them

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Apple Tree Maths

Fun autumn math activity for preschoolers - helping with fine motor, number recognition and 1 to 1 counting

Last week we were lucky to go to a Farm and pick some apples as our own apple trees this year have had a very poor harvest it was a great experience for T and I. Inspired by the apple picking I have had an apple tree maths activity set up for her when she wants to sit and do an activity with me especially useful when we’re doing homework with J and she wants some “homework” to do as well.

What you need for Apple Tree Maths

Brown, green and red card or strong paper White paper Glue

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Cooking and Baking

Making bread – wheat to table – #playfulpreschool

Making bread - learning about the process of harvesting wheat, milling and bread making as part of #playfulpreschool

Every Wednesday this year we are sharing a themed preschool activity as part of the #playfulpreschool group, this week’s theme is all about Harvest, we’re playing, creating and learning around this theme – at the end of this post check out the other ideas from the group to share with your preschoolers.

This week we are focusing on harvesting of wheat and the process from growing the wheat, harvesting it milling and then bread making. We are lucky that we live in a rural area and stepping out of our town we’re surrounded by fields a lot of which

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Farm Themed Count and Add Activity for Preschool – #playfulpreschool

Farm themed math activity for preschooler - farmyard animal count and add

Farms are a popular choice for preschoolers and this week as part of the #playfulpreschool we are focusing on Farms as the theme and this time I decided to do some Maths work with T whilst playing with her. On our none preschool days (she attends the same preschool that J did 2 and a half days a week) I try and mix up our activities and play focusing on different aspects. So with our collection of farm animals we sat down to do some Mathematics through play.

Materials Needed

Selection of Farm Animals – if possible 6 of

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Family Portraits #playfulpreschool

Family Portraits - creative exploration of the family and hertitage theme for preschoolers that can be used in a classroom or a home setting

This year we will be focusing on preschool activities every Wednesday on Rainy Day Mum – joining with a group of other fabulous parents and educators we will be sharing themed activities across our sites for some fabulous preschool fun and learning that you can do at home or in your classroom. Last week the group kicked off with an Apple Theme and shared amazing ideas bringing you Maths, Literacy, Science, Creative, Cooking and Social Studies activity check out over at The Educators’ Spin On It for a full list of the Apple Themed Activities. This week it’s all about

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Pine Cone Bumble Bee

Nature crafting with preschoolers - making pine cone bumble bees

With our garden in bloom bees are around and both of my kids seem to be terrified of them – so it was time to create some cute creative bumble bees to persuade them otherwise.

We’ve recently been on some nature walks and started to collect pine cones again and these looked perfect for our bumble bees they were easy to hold and would be perfect to add to our nature area in the home.

Materials needed for pine cone bumble bees

Pine Cones Yellow/Orange Yarn Plastic Lid Gold or Silver Pen that will write on Plastic White

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Celebrate Summer – Sun Sun-catcher

Celebrate Summer by creating a sun shaped sun catcher - perfect for Summer Solstice

The seasons are about to click over and the summer equinox is around the corner – although every other week for a month and a half it’s felt like summer in the UK. To celebrate summer we’re looking at the sun and decided to decorate our window with a sun-catcher to complement our ladybird that we made the other week.

Materials needed for Sun Sun-catcher

Yellow and Orange Tissue Paper Yellow and orange card stock White Glue

Rule Pencil Two different size bowls to draw around

How to make the Sun Sun-catcher

You could use the same method

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5 Preschool Activities to do at home

5 Preschool Activities to do at home

I love having a preschooler at home – T turned 3 in March and she won’t start preschool until September so we are doing some fun preschool play and learning at home with her.


Last week these fantastic ideas were linked up to Tuesday Tots that we’ve been trying this week at home.

Explore emotions with your preschool and help with pre-writing using a chalk board.

Make your own sidewalk chalk paint and get squeezing to create pavement rainbows – see Tiny Tots Adventures for the recipe.

Help your child develop their pre-writing skills with a rainbow salt

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Shoe Box Loom and Paper Snake Weaving

Paper Snake Weaving with DIY shoe box loom

Weaving is a great way to work on fine motor skills and as one of the targets for this school year for both J and T I wanted to set up an activity that could be done time and time again as well as produce some art work for the walls when we wanted so I got creative and made a table top/portable loom for the kids to use and then we got weaving for the first time.

Shoe Box Lid Loom

Shoe Box Lid Masking Tape or Duct Tape Yarn Scissors

How to make a shoe box lid

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