First Christmas Ornament

DIY First Christmas Ornaments

Finding books to share with a baby for their First Christmas isn’t always easy – especially ones that they can interact with and will remain a favourite for years to come. Spot’s First Christmas [affiliate link] by Eric Hall featuring the lovely Little Spot Dog a cute and funny puppy is fantastic to share with…

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Blocks for Learning

Using blocks for learning - from baby to preschoolers

Playing with blocks is fun for children of all ages from babies to older children with their Lego. Using them for learning at different levels is a slight twist on building with them here’s 4 simple ideas for learning with blocks. Using blocks for Learning First off is simple building for babies, this can help…

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Ideas for Creating Christmas Memories

5 simple ideas for Creating Christmas Memories to last a lifetime with your kids

Making Christmas Memories to last a lifetime with your kids Christmas is a time to create life long memories for your kids, remember those little things from your own childhood above the gifts that you got or the food that you ate. Here are some ideas for Creating Christmas Memories that will last a lifetime…

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7 Simple Sensory Bins and Trays for Tots

7 Ideas for Sensory Tray, tables and bins for tots to explore and investigate

Exploring the senses is a fantastic way for tots to investigate the world around them and we can help support that by creating sensory bins and trays for them. This week on Tuesday Tots I’m sharing 7 ideas for simple Sensory bins and trays that you can create at home or in your childcare environment….

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Take a walk on the wild side – #GBwalk at Wicken Fen

Take a walk on the wild side with The Great British Walk #GBwalk

It’s time to get out of the car and see what you can find away from the roads and pavements. There is so much more to explore and see on foot and National Trust are kicking off this year’s Great British Walk with some fabulous events around the country. With over 1000 different walks, events…

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