Block Play – Tetris

Block Play - Tetris for kids, fantastic for problem solving

We love blocks – whether it’s our mega blocks or wooden blocks they see to get brought out almost daily and various things made with them. We recently brought some Kubix Geometric Cubes and J and I have been having lots of fun playing Tetris with the blocks.

Like the shapes in the old school computer game Tetris the Kubix Geometric shapes come in various colours and shapes which can be fitted together. I explained to J that we had to form a complete pattern with no gaps in and then we set about putting together the tetris grid picking

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Teepee Building

It gives me great pleasure to have Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles guest posting on Rainy Day Mum today. Please do pop over and visit her blog – I must admit that her recipe’s have my mouth watering every week and the fun that her and her two girls get up to inspires me constantly.

I am very excited to be here today at Rainy Day Mum. I cannot wait to share a fun outdoor play idea with all of you.

My girls and I have had big plans to build a teepee this summer.

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101+ Rainy Day Ideas

In the UK at the moment we are having a really rubbish summer weather wise – it’s averaging the wettest and coldest summer on record where we live – so the only thing to do is grin and bear it and to help. I’ve put together a list of 101 (well more than that) ideas to make a Rainy Day Fun from around the Internet and some Rainy Day Mum Favourites.

Play out in the Rain Make a rain catcher to measure how much it rains Make Mud Soup Hunt for worms and then make a home for them

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A summer of early learning fun

I’m so excited by some of the things that we have planned over the summer – it’s official that this will be the last summer where J, T and myself are all together for the whole of the summer as in September J will start pre-school. We lucky to have found one that is perfect for us with outdoor play encouraged and a story based curriculum – something that I am over the moon about.

So this summer we are making it a summer of early learning fun. I don’t mean that we will be sitting down learning from books

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Day 6 – 30 days of Hands on Play

Day 6 of us following the 30 days of Hands on Play with The Imagination Tree and Hands on as we grow and today’s mission is a fun one

Today’s Challenge: Family Together Time

Remember that by clicking on the link you can see the full mission statement for the day and also at the bottom of the post you can sign up to receive the e-mails direct to your inbox so that you can join in starting from day 1.

Today’s challenge was Family Time. We have spent the day with Nana, Pops, Auntie A and cousin Z –

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Day 3 – 30 days of Hands on Play

Day 3 of the 30 days of Hands on Play and today’s mission is

Today’s Challenge: Building with Blocks! You need to dig out any wooden blocks, Duplo or Lego pieces that you have and get ready to tip them all over the floor and follow some fun challenges and contests!!

Now we love blocks – we have played with them before. The first time we did the challenge J made animals, I also did a post on Baby Play with blocks. But it seems like J and T have stepped it up a gear where blocks are concerned.

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Day 2 – 30 days of Hands on Play

homemade fort

Day 2 of the 30 days of Hands on Play and today’s challenge is

Today’s Challenge: Build a Fort!

Spend [at least] 15 minutes today building a fort with the kids, letting them lead. Play and let their imagination run with it.

When we did this before I used cushions and sheets in the lounge and set up a little fort for us where we read books. This time I let J take the lead and where J goes T follows.

Our rain forest and mountain inside our homemade fort

I gave choices of where he wanted to

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Explore Outdoors – Snowman building

I finally get to write about it – SNOW yes finally we had snow and J and T were able to explore outdoors in the Winter snow to finally experience first hand what they had seen and read about. In fact we were able to put literacy into action with one of our Snow Books.

The snow arrived on Saturday night, so Sunday morning J and T woke up to a world of white (about 6inches in total fell) and J’s first words were “WOW Snow”. Although this is J’s 3rd winter and each winter we have had snow both

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Baby Play – Blocks

T is now 10 months (I can’t believe that in March she will be 1) and is really starting to enjoy play in various forms as well as taking part in some of the activities that I’ve been doing with J – you may have spied her at the frozen lake small world play and getting stuck in the gloop last week, but decided that now it’s time to start featuring some of the activities that I’ve been doing with her or J and I have been doing with her as he loves to play with her as well.

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