Building with imagination

J playing with the blocks

I love building blocks even as a child I loved sitting down and building stuff – although I was a stickler for building what the instructions said to build with them and would hunt in the box of blocks to find the right pieces to build with. But of course Toddler sized blocks don’t  always come with instructions. Today J decided to play with the blocks.

What you need

A box of blocks that fit together (unfortunately a lot of blocks don’t fit together so it’s best to buy 1 or 2 brands with enough of each to allow the imagination to run wild.

How the fun happens

In the past I have left J with the blocks to build towers as use it as a quiet activity so can feed T but today with a contented T I sat down and played with J and the blocks.

Can you guess what animal we made?

We visited the zoo yesterday so I asked him what animals we had seen at the zoo and said “Let’s build a ………..” We built a few animals from the blocks, he then said “We make a train” this was closely followed by characters from his current favourite TV show. It was amazing to hear him talk about what  he was doing, the colours of the bricks as well as count them as he put them together.

T also enjoyed the activity as she was able to bang them together and try the textures in her mouth.

T joining in with the fun

Fun Factor



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