Bringing books to life – Gruffalo Hunting

Do you have a favourite book that you read to your kids or maybe more than one. One of our favourite’s is the Gruffalo, turned into a film a couple of years ago it’s been recorded and watched many many times. Along with reading the book and watching the film we like to get out and bring the book to life.

Gruffalo Hunting - bringing books alive

Gruffalo Hunting

We’re very lucky to live near a woods which has been perfect for retelling the Gruffalo story with J and T. Before heading out we often read the book and then talk about the things that we are going to look for and listen out for.

J or T take on the role of the mouse and I have to be the Gruffalo – if T is the mouse then J takes on the roles of the different animals that they meet in the woods or vice versa.

The Gruffalo - bringing the book alive through retelling the story in the forest

The first time we did this I brought the book along with us thinking that we would need it to retell the story, but a combination of the many readings of the book and watching the film meant that it didn’t make it out of the bag.

The Gruffalo - bringing the book alive through a gruffalo hunt in the forest

We don’t use props for our story telling of the Gruffalo instead our imagination plays a role in bringing the book alive. The mouse will scuttle along the floor, the fox creeps, the owl flaps it’s wings and the snake will slither on the ground.

Gruffalo Hunting - bringing the book alive with story retelling in the forest

One of our outings to a forest takes us along a trail with wooden sculptures – in the trail there are many that retell the story of the Gruffalo – adding in these elements bring the story alive.

Forest fun thin header

This week is Forest Week on The Virtual Book Club Summer Camp and all week Toddler Approved, The Educators’ Spin On It and myself are sharing ideas about fun you can do in the forests.

One of our sponsors is The Gruffalo – with a fantastic contest running on The Gruffalo Adventures you can join in – all you need to do is:

  1. Print off the colouring page
  2. Get creative – colour, collage, paint – with the kids and the colouring page
  3. Take your finished colouring with you going on Gruffalo Adventures
  4. Snap your pictures
  5. Share your pictures with #gruffaloadventures on pop over and share on the facebook wall of Gruffalo World.

The contest runs through to the end of July so you have plenty of opportunities left to enter.

The winner will receive a $50 Amazon Giftcard and Gruffalo Puppet! – please check the site for T&C’s this is open to residents of the USA only.

If you are signed up for The Virtual Book Club Summer Camp check this weeks planner and make sure that you have entered our own Gruffalo Competition this week – don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet – even if you sign up now you will still receive ALL of the planners and you can participate in your own time.

20 Gruffalo Themed Activities and Crafts

If you are looking for even more ideas to Bring the Book The Gruffalo Alive – check out these 20 Gruffalo Activities and Crafts over on Toddler Approved.

Click on the images and links below to check out more info about our wonderful sponsors!

Kids Yoga Stories
Melissa and Doug
The World of Eric Carle
Chloe the Jumbo Jet
Steve SpanglerWe are also excited to have the support of the following friends of Virtual Book Club!

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