7 Days of Breakfast Ideas for Kids

7 Days of Breakfast Ideas

Our mornings start early – the kids like to get up at 6am and that means Breakfast is early and usually at 7am at the very latest so Breakfast Ideas that really work with J and T are a must. It used to be easy – J has toast and half a banana and T has cereal and the other half of the Banana. Then just before Christmas T started to refuse cereal so we’ve had to get creative and come up with 7 days of Breakfast Ideas for Kids to set them up for each day of the week that move away from cereal.

7 Days of Breakfast Ideas for Kids to set them up each day of the week

Day 1 – Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Start off the week with some creamy scrambled Eggs from Momma Cooks and toast, add extra’s into your scrambled eggs to make it even more tasty – I loved adding chopped fresh tomatoes and onions into mine when I lived in Costa Rica really adds a little extra to your breakfast.

Day 2 – Pancakes

Whether you make plain pancakes or get adventurous like these gorgeous cinnamon Bun Pancakes from Baked Bree pancakes are a fun breakfast for your kids – served with fruit and yogurt you add some healthy options in the mix as well.

Day 3 – French Toast or Eggy Bread

A camp food for me, but why not bring some French Toast (or Eggy Bread) into a regular breakfast it brings back so many memories of sitting outside tents eating breakfast on my lap before going off for the day that I just love this recipe from Kitchen Monsters.

Day 4 – Porridge

Back to traditional warming breakfast of porridge oats, we’re big fans of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and having porridge we pretend we are Goldilocks trying each of them to see which we prefer each time. I love this recipe from BBC Good Food for perfect porridge.

Day 5 – Smoothies

With milk and fruit, these are probably one of the healthiest selections on this list, they are delicious – I first made them after seeing the 101 of Smoothie making on Meet the Dubiens and although we only have 2 flavours in the house that the kids will try – Strawberry or Banana it’s fun to make together.

Day 6 – Toasted Crumpets

A totally English treat Crumpets – they are deliciously doughy and smoothered in butter and honey are one of my favourite breakfast treats – we’re swapping the honey for some jam and I’m going to give a go at making some using this delicious recipe from Julie Takes Photos.

Day 7 – Yogurt and Fruit

Still one of my favourite summer breakfasts Greek yogurt with sliced fruit and drizzled with honey – I remember sitting on a beach in Greece and eating it for the first time and loved it ever since you can make it your own with added extra’s like this recipe.

 Are you stuck in a rut like we were with breakfast or do you chop and change? РPlease share your favourite breakfast ideas in the comments below.

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