Back to Basics N is for…

N is for Noise

Welcome back to Back to Basics and this week’s instalment is N is for Noise. You may have noticed last week the back to basics series has a sponsor a fabulous company Zulily UK who have amazing deals on kids clothes from baby to teens, toys, home goods and women’s wear with up to 90% off big name brands. Please pop by and check them out and see what bargains you can get. So back to basics and we’re making N is for Noise.

Back to Basics


We absolutely love to sing in this house, our favourites are either some nursery rhymes, counting songs or even better songs that the kids make up. J is at that age, and it’s something that he does, that anything can become a song a book that he’s reading, something that he’s seen – he loves music and hums the tune in between versus on a few CD’s that we play over and over again.

Dancing with sounds

Dancing Bells

Way back in the summer I made the kids some dancing bells to go around their wrists and ankles. We’re now very into Dance thanks to Nana and Pops that brought T a Wiggles DVD for Christmas and adding the dancing bells which you can make yourself or buy is so much fun especially when we are doing the mashed potato dance.

DIY  Musical Instruments

Combining store brought and household object to create music

We have a made a few musical instruments ourselves out of bottles filled with rice, pasta and buttons, but they don’t have to be that complex most kids love forming a kitchen band, with pots, pans, wooden spoons, boxes, jars and anything else you can make noise with. T loved mixing it up and adding in store brought instruments with our homemade ones to make some noise in the kitchen.


back to basics - shouting

Yes it may sometimes drive you mad, but shouting can be fun. Find a big open space and run apart from each other and shout until you can’t hear each other any more, go hide in the woods and shout to find each other.

This post is happily sponsored by Zulily UK bringing you big name brands at up to 90% off and some fabulous bargains to boot. This week I’m loving the specials on Melissa and Doug Toys.

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