Back to basics

Back to Basics – J is for Jigsaws

J is for jigsaws

Another back to basics post and we’re on J is for Jigsaws. Here are some simple ideas for jigsaw play – Jigsaw play helps children in so many ways with attention span, working on problem solving and also how to deal with challenges.

Store brought puzzles

We have simple jigsaw puzzles ranging from ones with pictures underneath the pieces to upto 10 piece more traditional puzzles at the moment. They live in a box and at least once a day the box will come out. It helps with quiet time in the house and J in particular is starting to get how to do the bigger puzzles and more complex ones as well.

Postcard Puzzles

DIY puzzle from postcardThis is such a fantastic idea from The Imagination Tree using postcards and great for Toddlers to do. Some DIY Postcard Puzzles.

Painted parts puzzles

Eric Carle Inspired DIY puzzle

We love Eric Carle books and this Eric Carle inspired DIY puzzle from Red Ted Art is great – also would be good to do to talk about body parts with your children over.

DIY upcycled Name Puzzle

DIY Name PuzzleThis DIY Name puzzle from Happy Hooligans is great each of the letters is different textures and the shapes that you can produce to get chidlren to match and learn their names is fabulous.

Magnetic Puzzle

Magnetic PuzzleThis stay put puzzle from No Time for Flashcards is brilliant – I have recently brought some magnetic pinter paper and this has inspired me with some ideas of what I can do with it.

Craft Stick Puzzle

Popsicle Stick PuzzleUsing craft sticks/popsicle sticks you can create some simple fun puzzles for children to do. Thanks to Kids Activites Blog for this one.


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