Back to Basics – I is for Ice

Welcome back to the letter I in back to basics and this week it’s I is for Ice. Ice is so easy to make and your children can have loads of fun with it.

Sensory Pudding Play

Instant pudding and ice sensory play

Messy play may not be for everyone but doing it in the garden on a summer’s day will let the children cool down when you have to clean them off with the hose plus adding ice to the mix makes for some great cooling down fun.

Freezing objects in ice to melt and discover

Freezing and Melting objects in iceThis is a fun activity from The Imagination Tree using things around your home to discover objects in frozen blocks.

Painting with coloured ice cubes

Painting with coloured ice cubesSome great artistic fun painting with coloured ice cubes – you can create them with food colouring or like The Chocolate Muffin Tree with Poster/Tempura Paints.

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