Back to Basics – F is for Friends

F is for friends

It’s not an ideas post so much as some suggestions friends are amazing for Toddler/Preschoolers and older children. Don’t expect playing together as we would think of it at first – a lot will be play side by side.

What's the Time Mr Wolf

As they get older there will be more and more play together. J is at the stage of starting to play games with his friends – they play Hide and Seek (but with their own rules to it), Football/Soccer – but hand balls and running holding the ball are part of the toddler rules, What’s the Time Mr Wolf. At this age it’s all about running around in their games.

Water Table Summer Play

J has spent the week telling me “Who is my best friend Mummy” and when I ask who his reply “My best friend is T” I love it – they are starting to play together the same sort of games that J plays with friends of a similar age although instead of T joining in her way is to run around screaming.

summer time story telling

This week arrange a play date with some friends – at your house, at the park, swimming pool, splash park, zoo and sit and watch your children interact and how it’s changing month by month.

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    lovely, lovely photos and post! I haven’t arranged a playdate for my twins in ages but i see how their interactions are changing with each other…it is a joy to watch…thanks for the inspiration to get a playdate happening again though…i don’t do this enough!
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