Animal Skins and Tuesday Tots

A quick craft for a Tuesday from us. Some Animal skins which are so easy to make and J had loads of fun doing. We’ve been looking at stripes recently and using inspiration from 2 of his toy animals decided to make our own animals skins out of some paper.

Paper Animal Skins for Toddlers to make

What you need to make some animal skins

Black paper
White paper
Orange Paper

How you make the animal skins

Still life art for toddlers

Using toys as inspiration for craft

We decided to use our Zebra and Tiger as inspiration so being J we set up our craft table with the animal in front of us and started to tear paper into stripes. We decided for the zebra to tear the back paper as the stripes seemed to be more wavy on the black than on the white. With the tiger we tore the orange paper.

Glue pen use to develop mark making skills in toddlers

J loves using the glue pen and it’s good for his fine motor development as well

J loves using my glue pen and it’s also great for his development of mark making and writing skills – we use it to glue the stripes and whilst we’re gluing I say things like draw a circle, dots, stripes, zig zags to try and get him to try different strokes and he has lots of fun doing it (must find my blue glue pen as he would love that as well).

Paper animals skins - zebra and tiger

Our Zebra and Tiger skins

Once they were glued we stuck the stripes on the paper and made our easy Animal Skins. We’re going to try dots next to make some giraffes and cheetahs.

Now to this weeks Tuesday Tots, Growing and Jeweled Rose and I really look forward to seeing what fun you have been upto this week with your under 5’s, whether it’s a craft, activity, play idea or just a proud moment we would love for you to link up 1, 2 or more posts from your week (old posts are also welcome especially if relevant to the season etc…). This week it’s Mother’s Day in the UK and I would love to see some inspiration from your archives on what J and Rainy Day Dad could do at the weekend for me.

If you link up we would love for you to either grab our badge from the side bars or a text link back to us and we will pop along and see what you’ve been doing and pin it to our Tuesday Tots pinterest board which you can visit here.


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  1. says

    You are amazing! Where you find the time and energy to think up and then follow through on such great ideas, I’m not sure! I’m stealing this activity for when I do my zoo & jungle animal theme at work. Endless language opportunities again.
    Kim @ Little Stories recently posted..I Hold, You TalkMy Profile

  2. lyndsay says

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your stellar blog. I agree that it is so interesting to see the development of kids, ideas and play across the world. I have to say that there is a little bit of happiness in my heart when I see other kids from the UK learning about the same thing as Aodhan, is that silly? It was so hard deciding between our two countries, and I know he would have loved growing up there just as much as here….
    Anyhow, thanks for hosting, I do adore this link up and always get so much inspiration from the links.


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