Acts of Kindness – providing for those in hospital

Last year I watched in awe as bloggers joined in with Toddler Approved 100 Acts of Kindness Project in the lead up to Valentines day and wish I had been more organised to get involved. This year we’re organised and I’m so pleased to be ¬†sharing with you an activity that children can do what ever their age to help others.

Donating books to children hospital

Last week I mentioned T was going into hospital this week, we spent Monday Night in having a sleep study, however whilst we were in a few weeks ago a fair proportion of our day was spent in the hospital playroom. It was wonderful and T loved it however we both noticed a problem for many of the families and children on the ward the library was fantastic for those readers who could pick up the books and not want pictures but with a baby, toddler or preschooler there was 3 books to choose from for babies ¬†and very few for slightly older children and with the majority of the children on the ward under 5 this was something that we could help with and T tried whilst we were there adding her favourite books to the library (but there would have been tears at bedtime if we couldn’t have read Maisy’s Bathtime so I did retrieve them).

Knowing that we were going in on Monday T and I went through her board books and found a small pile that we could take in for the children on the ward to add to the library at this point in time. She selected books that she has outgrown and wasn’t interested in reading any more.

When we were leaving the hospital on Tuesday morning she proudly carried her books to the ward desk and handed them over to the nurse for the “Ick Babies”. Whilst there I asked about donating and how to go about it for our hospital and children’s ward they accept all none soft toys and books for what ever age and we can take them in and ring the ward buzzer when ever we are passing.

This week why not look through your children’s book cases with them put together some books that they have outgrown, no longer want to read or have never really shown an interest in and call the hospital and find out how you can donate to the children’s ward. Believe me a mum sitting on the ward with her baby, toddler, preschooler, kinder and older child will be grateful as you can get through a LOT of books in a day when that is all that you can do.

What ways do you encourage your children in acts of kindness?


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