7 Simple Sensory Bins and Trays for Tots

Exploring the senses is a fantastic way for tots to investigate the world around them and we can help support that by creating sensory bins and trays for them. This week on Tuesday Tots I’m sharing 7 ideas for simple Sensory bins and trays that you can create at home or in your childcare environment.

7 Ideas for Sensory Tray, tables and bins for tots to explore and investigate

First off is Happy Hooligans with a fall sensory table -  along with experiencing elements of fall there is fantastic information about how to set it up as well as using it and expanding it. I just love the images of the children exploring the table.

Another Autumn sensory play this time from A Beautiful Ruckus with this fantastic fall sensory bins – I love that the play expands out of the bin and the idea for clear up as well.

With Thanksgiving around the corner – there were some fantastic thanksgiving sensory bins shared last week. A quick peek at the Thanksgiving Sensory bin from Mama Von Teacher gives some clues as to what sort of activities her children will get up to with it.

Over on There’s just one Mommy there is another Thanksgiving bin I love the attention to detail teaching a little history at the same time as sensory exploration in the bin here.

The sensory experience can be mixed with some learning of more academic nature and over on 3 Dinosaurs they have a great ABC sensory bin – a fantastic way to combine different types of learning.

Different sensory materials can be used in the bin – over on There’s just one Mommy they have been using Magic Sand in a sensory tub – I love the look of this and hope that I can find some to order.

Beans and other lentils make great sensory materials and Craftulate has some fun with a Dried Bean Sensory Table.

Tuesday Tots

Now onto this weeks Tuesday Tots – please come and link up your fun activities, crafts, learning and play for the 5’s and under this week. We welcome new and old posts.

Tuesday Tots is cohosted by myself, Learn with Play at Home and One Perfect Day and each week we feature posts that have linked up the week before please check out the other cohosts to see what they are featuring this week.


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