101+ Rainy Day Ideas

In the UK at the moment we are having a really rubbish summer weather wise – it’s averaging the wettest and coldest summer on record where we live – so the only thing to do is grin and bear it and to help. I’ve put together a list of 101 (well more than that) ideas to make a Rainy Day Fun from around the Internet and some Rainy Day Mum Favourites.


Play out in the Rain

rainy day activities for children

Have some fun with Playdough

Get musical


Arts and Crafts Activities

Indoor Fun and Games

Some messy and water based fun

Make some discoveries with Science Fun

Cooking and Kitchen Fun

Get Moving and Dancing

101 Ideas for a Rainy Day - your go to list when kids say I'm bored

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Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, high school teacher and now mum. She's passionate about supporting learning at school at home, bringing books alive, giving kids life skills and exploring the world around us sharing Creative, Family Friendly, Fun Ideas for the whole family on Rainy Day Mum


  1. jaime says

    Love your list, so many fun things to try. I shared this to my personal fb page and my mom reposted it on her page:-) I just thought that was great of her to spread some love. Anyways going to share on my page and pin… FSPDT

  2. says

    Just been going through this amazing post to select some things to do and seen that you’ve included one of ours! Thank you! This is an amazing post and must have taken you ages to put together, alas now it’s wall to wall sunshine, although I’m sure that won’t last so am getting prepared now. Thanks again. Ellie
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  3. natasha michel says


    Why not try the Easter Jelly Bean Game:

    Tired of hunting Easter eggs? Sick of chocolate bunnies? Then why not try the Easter Jelly Bean Game!

    What You’ll Need:

    Three empty egg cartons
    Clear Tape
    Clear tape
    Jelly Beans (three colours)
    Masking tape
    Plastic spoon
    Cork or bottle cap

    What to Do:

    Cut the top and flaps off 3 egg cartons. Tape the bottoms side-to-side so you have rectangle comprising 3 boxes of 6 egg cups.
    Put one jelly bean in each egg cup.
    Mark a starting line on the table with a piece of masking tape.
    Place a plastic spoon on the table making sure the bowl side touches starting line.
    Put the cork or bottle cap on the straight end of the spoon
    Press down firmly on the spoon bowl to flip the bottle cap towards the egg boxes.
    If it lands in an egg cup, you get to keep the jelly bean from that cup and then take another turn. If you miss a cup then your turn is over.
    Once all of the jelly beans have been won, have a count up to see who has the most points.
    Red jelly beans = 10 points
    Yellow jelly beans = 5 points
    Green jelly beans = 1 point.
    Finally, don’t forget not to eat the jelly beans before the game is over or you will lose your points!


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