10 Rhymes to Count with

I loved putting together last weeks 10  Nursery Rhymes for Tots so I’ve decided to do another this weekend. This week it’s 10 Rhymes to Count with – using different methods to count really helps children to get used to numbers and what they actually mean, because many rhymes include finger actions or whole body actions they are great for getting the brain working on two different levels to help with the learning.

10 Counting Songs

  1. One, two, three, four five – I know we included it last week but this is great for Counting forwards, because we use our fingers J has worked out that each hand has 5 fingers and we’ve recently started to do a lot of 1 more finger from the other hand makes. T just enjoys the song because of the “which little finger did it bite…..”
  2. Ten Fat Sausages – we know 2 different versions of this but I like singing the one with a POP and a BANG as it’s always attracted the children’s attention – The version that we sing counts down in 2’s – as we have other songs that count in 1’s backwards and forwards I think it’s important to mix it up – as we always sing the same version this is the one that both J and T know. J is starting to sing this but does get confused a little however, it’s fun to see him learn the numbers in 2’s (see our Frog post about another way we’re learning to count in 2’s)
  3. Five little ducks – again this is counting backwards but we review counting forwards as well as count the number of ducks left once one has gone over the hill before continuing with the next verse each time. T sits and quacks along with this using the sign for duck and gets quite excited when we get out our little ducks to sing this with.
  4. Five little peas in a pea pod - this was a new rhyme to me when we started to go to the Library Book Start group but J loves singing it – I think because of the POP at the end of the Rhyme which he loves clapping with at the same time.
  5. Hickory Dickory Dock – another forward counting rhyme, it was a shock to me to find out that there were more than 1 verse to this but we have sung up to 4 o’clock. This was one that I started to sing from very early on especially at changing time as I could run my hand up them to keep them distracted on the changing mat pretending to be a mouse.
  6. Five Little Speckled Frogs – as frogs are J’s favourite thing I couldn’t do a Counting Rhyme post without including these – as J and T have grown we’ve also started to add some gross motor movement to this and will pretend to be the speckled frogs to jump into the pond each time.
  7. One Two Buckle my Shoe – another forward counting rhyme and one that we’re just starting to sing more and more as J likes the rhyming words in it (he’s started to notice that some words rhyme and likes to say them over and over together).
  8. Five little men in a flying saucer – again a reverse counting rhyme, but I also like it that it includes Left and Right (well at least the version that I sing does) although I have to remind myself as I want J and T to know their left and right and not mine when I say left I have to turn my head to the right so they copy and turn their head to the left (does that make sense to anyone else?) – we do tend to sit opposite or facing each other so they can see the actions.
  9. Zoom Zoom Zoom  - Yes I know I included it last week in the 10 Rhymes for Tots but I still credit this with J’s ability to count backwards before counting forwards.
  10. Five little Monkeys – again a reverse counting rhyme, but we’re having so much fun with this at the moment – as the monkeys jump on the bed we have to make it authentic and we have been known to go up and jump on the bed, use a toy phone and call the Dr as well.

I hope you enjoy these rhymes. Do you have any other counting rhymes which you like to sing?

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